Chania city Tour

Chania city is consisted of the New City and the Old City.
The New city of Chania is hosting buildings built during 1900 till today. The city is easy to drive, as all roads drive to “Agora” market. New hotels and apartments are located in every main street. Chania new city is well constructed. The city prides for it’s Technical University, one of the best of Greece. Chania city is hosting all means of transportation: Busses or Taxis or limo cars that easy drives you all over the region. New city of Chania has the most busy market of the region. Numerous of shops with souvenirs and clothes along the Agora market can be visited all days of the week.

The old city is built through the venetian occupation and the Turkish occupation. Most buildings are furnished and are used as hostels or hotels. The old city port is “fantastic beautiful”! Shops along the coast are welcoming visitors with delicious food. Walking through the narrow streets of Chania old city is exciting. You can hire a boat and sail the port area or even swim if you wish. The old port is hosting boats or small cruise boats for sightseeing.

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