Car hire at the port

Useful tips from the oldest car rental company in Crete.
The island of Crete has many ports. The largest port is heraklion. The number of visitors during the summer months reaches 60% of the arrivals to visitors annually. Car rental is “imperative”.

The most beautiful places and the most beautiful beaches are located in all distant areas, the port of Agios Nikolaos. Rent a small car to go out to the south side of Lassithi. The most beautiful sandy beaches in the east, Makris Gialos, Xerokambos and Kato Zakros are at least a 4 hour drive by rental car. The most beautiful sheltered port of the Minoans.

Eastern Crete is unspoiled, perhaps the most beautiful dawn and the most beautiful sunset. You are enchanted by the kindness and discretion of the inhabitants. The rental cars are many, every day pass hundreds of new visitors – enchanted by the unspoiled beauty. A family hotel in Sitia and Vai is our suggestion for holidays and stop for swimming and relaxation. The natural harbor in Sitia is wonderful, as is the new marina.

The northern front to the east of Crete – Sitia – Platani – Kalavros and Mochlos have the scepter of the most beautiful beaches, after its famous easternmost part. Vai is the example of the fact that Crete has the most temperate climate in Europe – it marries the subtropical with the tropical climate and this combination gives birth to the exceptional quality gifts of nature, oil and everything that the Sitian land generates, even the natural harbor in the area there.

Agios Nikolaos is a small town among beautiful places. Elounda to the east, its most beautiful and visited attraction, as well as Spinalonga – the island of lepers! The port of Voulisma. The route along the entire length of the east coast is very interesting, the only obstacle is the low speed limit, which must faithfully be observed, the villages are small but beautiful.

The rental car can be the tool for a family to be able to make excursions to quiet places. The car is important to be chosen correctly and carefully. You can evaluate the cars according to where you choose to go from the port super 24 hours of Heraklion there.

Family cars are: Nissan note 5doors, Ford Focus 5doors, Peugeot 301 4doors sedan, Mini bus 7seats. The small cars are: Peugeot 108, Toyota Aygo.

The cars that you can use on dirt tracks, not for safari but for careful movement, are the following: Fiat Sedici, Suzuki Jimny jeep cabrio 4wd, Mitsubishi Outlander aiutomatic suv.

The island of Crete has other beautiful places. The western part, the prefecture of Rethymno and Chania are places that the next time you come you should visit! Rethymnon has the longest beach in town length. Its coastal front reminds of cosmopolitan places. The marina and the old port are harmoniously tied up.

The huge car park helps you visit there. The old town is very affordable. Chania is your next choice. Do not forget the beach of Balos and Elafonisi, once old ports, are located in Chania. The old port of Chania is very beautiful. The residents have made sure that the visitor can find anything he needs, the shops are many and the hotels more. There are luxurious residences in the old town of Chania.

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