Car hire at the port

Useful tips from the oldest car rental company in Crete. The island of Crete has many ports. The largest port is heraklion. The number of visitors during the summer months reaches 60% of the arrivals to visitors annually. Car rental is “imperative”. The most beautiful places and the most beautiful beaches are located in all […]

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Travel to Stay

 With its accessible and varied pleasures, Crete island is a favorite of many. Drawn to the colonial charm of Mediterranean sea, Heraklion’s pulsing nightlife, the glitz of Vai Beach, or the quiet expanse of the southern Crete, almost all visitors find something to love here. From the powdery white beaches of the Elafonisi beach to

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Almiros Lake/River

Almiros lake or Almyros lake river is located west of Gazi city of Heraklion. It is the only place where the famous diver Jacques Cousteau didnot manage to find the bottom and the direction is coming on the surface of the lake. It is salty water coming from very far but obviously not from the

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Matala bay

Today, Matala is an area hosting tourists. The location is ideal. People enjoy swimming in Matala gulf. There is no possibility a visitor not to enjoy the place. There are no waves and the beach is accessed easy.The village is having many options of accommodation. There are many taverns along the beach. The entertainment shops

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Crete, the island of ANCIENT MINOAN CIVILIZATION, the place of bith of Dias (Zeus). The island which united Mesopotamia with Greece, Egypt with Greece, the island of trade in ancient times! Crete prides of its temperate climate, in some parts of the island is considered as subtropical. Crete is the island you can dicover by

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